Strawberry Festival

Congratulations to our 2018 Strawberry Queen Ally Burt and her Court!

Strawberry Festival Queen Pageant

The primary fundraiser for the Plant City Lions Club is sponsoring the Strawberry Festival Queen pageant, which selects a queen and her court of young ladies from the area to represent the Florida Strawberry Festival. The festival is held annually in Plant City since 1930, except for a few years during WWII. Through advertising and ticket sales, the Lions Club can provide scholarships and prizes for the finalists, as well as fund many other items of need throughout the year.

Strawberry Festival Concession Stand

During the eleven days of the Florida Strawberry Festival, up to 100,000 people a day will walk through the festival grounds. This provides an opportunity for the Plant City Lions Club to raise funds from selling hamburgers, hot dogs, and soft drinks. The concession stand and the Queen’s pageant provide the majority of our funds.