Leo’s Corner

2017 Carefest

Leos have been serving communities for over 60 years and gaining valuable leadership experience in the process. “Leadership, Experience, Opportunity.” That’s what makes a Leo. Members of Leo clubs embody the best qualities of our incredible organization. They are devoted young people who realize the power of action. Together, Leos and Lions form a powerful partnership — one of mutual respect where Lions learn from the innovative insights of Leos, and where Leos gain access to the proven strategies of those who’ve successfully served the world for decades.

Theres a benefit for being a Leo:

  • Training & scholarship opportunity
  • Leo Club Program Advisory Panel
  • Critical Thinking & Creativity
  • Ability to work in a team environment
  • Communication skills with people inside and outside an organization
  • Leadership and the ability to effectively motivate others
  • Strong work ethic and perseverance

Lions Clubs International offers various awards to recognize Leos and Lions active in the Leo Club Program, and to Leo-Lions. There are more than 20 award programs to acknowledge their accomplishments.



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